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FODIS Utility Token

$FODIS is a utility token that can be used to exchange food and beverages within the FODIES apps ecosystem. $FODIS is also used as a reward token with the slogan "EAT to EARN" where everyone who buys food through their FODIES app can get $FODIS tokens as a reward. and this is very suitable for use in mass adoption with a mutually beneficial system in various parties.

$FODIS Token Allocation

below are the details of the FODIS token allocation

Token Release Schedule

below are the details, allocation and locking time of FODIS tokens

  • 2% Airdrop, the amount of tokens that we budget for in this airdrop program is 2% or equivalent to 2B $FODIS tokens and we will release them in stages based on a certain event period.

  • 4% Liquidity, we budgeted liquidity 4% or equivalent to 4B $FODIS tokens that we released on DEX with a starting price of $0.000002. and we will lock this liquidity for 720 days.

  • 4% Public sale, equivalent to the 4B $FODIS Token we released at the beginning.

  • 3% Advisor, equivalent to 3B $FODIS tokens, we will release gradually until 2024.

  • 10% Marketing, with Marketing funds our project will continue to grow, and we budget 10B $FODIS tokens and we will release them gradually until 2025.

  • 10% Team, our team receives the equivalent of 10B $FODIS tokens, which we will release in stages until 2025.

  • 19% EAT to EARN, with the EAT to EARN Program as a form of appreciation for customer/user loyalty, this program budget is equivalent to 19B $FODIS Tokens, we also release gradually according to the use case until 2027.

  • 41% Token DEad, this token is a Dead token that is locked Eternally in Pinksale Lock, renounce ownership address (0x000000000000000000000dead)

Token DeaD

Token Burn Schedule

We will burn tokens periodically by following the company's development

$FODIS Token Released

Fodies Token is the supply capped smart contractible utility token at the heart of Fodies ecosystem. The tokens are pledged, rewarded and paid by participants to facilitate all activities within the Fodies ecosystem plus confer voting rights in token governance or community scenarios.

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